USABLE feature requests

Loving your app, but the following features should most definitively be added:

  • PDC (plugin delay compensation, PLEASE)
  • sidechain support
  • MIDI LEARN for at least transport controls, or everything

Other stuff should be the ability to delete all bundled samples/data, those drum patterns are hilariously terrible. And when creating a MIDI track it should default to an auv3 list instead of having to switch from Microsonic. Workflow killer right there. The Minisampler is just too simple, and Micrologue is unusable because of parameter stepping. Drop all the built-in sounds (actually like Classic Machines, should have accents at least, and midi learn, but still somewhat useful) and focus on being a real DAW.

Thanks for providing the best, most user friendly iOS DAW, these are minor complaints except for PDC, so keep on the good work guys!


+1 for sidechain


Ableton Link or at least the ability to recieve midi clock/transport is also a must have guys… Pretty please.

Vertical zoom in the timeline and multi-out support would also be nice to have by the way. Enough nagging, cheers guys!

Hi ehehehe,

Please note that the Arrange Window supports both horizontally and vertically zooming, via performing pinch to zoom above the arrangement or the track list.

Hope that helps!


That’s a training issue. Vertical zoom should also be possible by pinching vertically in the arranger for obvious reasons - just like horizontal zoom. This was included my bug list posting