Usage of "Thumb Mouse Button (Btn 4?)"

Reflected today as I was drilling down in the Right Zone / “Media” Tab, that the “back” feature of the thumb mouse button had no effect.

Expected action for me was to traverse up in the tree as I have drilled down in the right zone.

I have not found a way to activate this as a custom feature, so I post it as a suggestion here.

Implement the “back” feature of the thumb mouse of the mouse. Behave like “Back” in a web / (windows) file browser .

Buy yourself a Razer Mouse and you’ll be able to program many many many things with it. Mine
opens windows explorer
opens chrome
presses Enter
Presses Delete
closes windows
exits softwares
resizes columns
opens evernote
opens everything search
opens notepad++
scrolls up and down
creates folders based on filename
changes default icon to 3 different ones
opens audio in standalone editor
scrolls through grid settings
pitches notes up and down
changes mouse resolution so I can be more precise or faster depending on the task at hand
and more stuff I can’t remember but my fingers do ^^

Yeah a gaming mouse (even if like me you are not a gamer) is a great choice for Cubase. Having a bunch of programmable buttons at your fingertips is pretty powerful.

To the OP, is your 4th button not programmable? If so, assign it a Key Command. If not, replace it.

Thanks, just didn’t think about it. Rock’n Roll :slight_smile: