USB 3.0 interface, ZOOM UAC-2, drivers, opinions?

Ive been reading about this Interface but cant find any reviews!?! Is there anyone here using ZOOM interfaces, whats your opinion on ZOOM?

So I decided to try it out and it works great! No problem att all. Running Win 10 and Cubase 8 Pro without any problem!

Thanks for the report. :slight_smile:

I was looking at either the UAC-2 or 8 but I only wish there were a few inputs (primarily for mics) on the back. There are are none right?

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Why dontcha take a look into their manuals and pictures and see yourself i wonder? :astonished:


This is not a very helpful neither nice thing to post. E.g. Read the manual… specially for your first post.
Perhaps you should read our Terms of Use and the forum etiquette first: Steinberg Forums

Next time you can try something like this: :wink:

"Here you can find that information: UAC-2 USB Audio Converter | ZOOM "

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Dear Guillermo,
I really do appreciate your being so helpful and nice to me.
I took aesthetic delight in re-reading Terms of use Steinberg Forums :slight_smile:
and feel frightfully sorry for being downright rude especially in my first post. :blush:
Best wishes!