USB 3.0

Hi All;
I have a UR 44 with the latest drivers installed. It is connected to a USB 2.0 port but I read somewhere that the drivers are USB 3.0 compliant.

Will I get a performance improvement ( i.e. better data transfer rate ) by using a USB 3.0 cable into a USB 3.0 port on my PC?

Setup is:
Win 7. 8 core AMD at 4.2 gHz, 16 G memory, all software including operating system on SSD
almost all of Windows disabled, no Internet accessability, no anti-virus software. Only pipe organ emulation software executing.
all physical devices disconnected in other USB 2.0 ports.

much appreciated…

In short - no.
It’s still USB 2.

Thanks BriHar!

Can you think of any way of improving comunication between my PC and the UR 44?
Or perhaps speeding up the UR 44? Overclocking it?


Am I to understand that you are only using this in conjunction with a Pipe Organ soft synth?
If so, then is this software ASIO compliant, and is it a VST or just a stand-alone emulator? Are you able to select the ASIO driver?
As the UR44 (on my laptop with Cubase AI) and UR28m (on my Studio PC with Cubase) have never given me any trouble, I would be hard pressed to solve your dilemma and would suggest you perhaps make a Support request from your “My Steinberg” account.