USB Audio device - no stereo output

Hello guys,

So I recently bought a ¼ TRS to USB Cable that I use to record the audio from my digital piano. My issue is when I switch to this driver in VST Audio System , I do not have any Stereo Out. I joined attachement for more clarity.

Also when I switch back to my built in audio driver and I play my recording, there is white noise in the background and the sound is clipping.

Any idea how to fix this ? Thanks a lot !

What audio device are you connecting the 1/4 TRS to? If it is on your computer, that input connection may not be set to receive stereo. That might be configurable in the computer sound device menu. Tough to tell as you didn’t report what you are using.

For the best assist you need to report all the information you know about your hardware & software (including computer OS).

Also, you can delete your duplicate post before someone replies to it. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses: