USB audio dropouts, Behringer XR18, AMD X370, Win7

I’m struggling with continous audio dropouts when XR18 is used as an audio interface.
System: Win7 64-bit SP1
CPU: AMD Ryzen 1800x, Motherboard: Asus Prime X370-A, RAM: 16Gb, System drive: SSD WD Blue
Soundcard: SB Audigy2 (I’ve took this mb because of the Audigy2 that uses PCI slot actually). Currently the soundcard is OFF in the Device Manager.
XR18 is used as the audio interface via USB 2.0 port (I may be mistaking but when I’ve installed the cables inside the case, it’s most probably that I’ve used the correct wiring and the front panel black USB is 2.0).

I’ve downloaded and installed the latest AMD chipset drivers. This didn’t changed the situation.
I get pauses in sound with random intervals. Seems that this doesn’t depends on X-Air ASIO driver’s buffer setup. 16 samples or 2024 samples buffer gives dropouts. Not more and not less.

I’ve used LatencyMon to find out “the beast” but it did show that I have troubles just once. It was before updating AMD drivers. I’m attaching the program’s report. Probably it was a “false hit”, some coincidence (I’ve ran DAW and did inserted sound tracks plus to just playing something in Winamp). I can’t repeat to that LatencyMon’s will conclude the issue again. But audio dropouts are still here of course :slight_smile:

Also I’ve tried to catch the root by checking if some hard pagefault will happen in the same time of an audio dropouts. No luck. It can happen even without hard pagefaults counted at all.

I’m completely sure that this concrete XR18 mixer works fine. I’ve tested it on my friend’s PC laptop (Acer Aspire, 2-core) and it worked just fine - no dropouts, no any troubles. The same USB cable was used.
Please, help me to find the reason. I was hoping to work with XR18 as a non-expensive multi-track audio interface.
LatencyMon Report 08.12.2019 01-20.rar (2.93 KB)