USB audio in from external synth

Hi all, I’ve not touched Cubase or bothered with anything creative for a couple of years now so i am still on Cubase 9.5 (or 10). I have just purchased a Roland Gaia as always fancied one. According to Roland the Gaia has audio and midi through USB. I can get the midi working OK but the Gaia will not show up as an input device. I’ve connected Virus Snow, Novation and MODX with no trouble in the past. Using my usual Audio interface for normal sound out from DAW to monitors and USB audio in from hardware device. Always worked without issue. However the same can not be said for the Gaia.
I can obviously connect using the old MIDI cables and direct analogue out to Audio Interface but I should be able to do this with one USB cable. Would love to hear from fellow Gaia users and other users that have USB audio in.

many thanks

Cubase only supports the use of one audio driver to be used at a time. So you need to use the driver for your Audio Interface to playback on your speakers which means it can’t see the USB interface. You could set it to the USB’s audio drive but then wouldn’t have sound in your speakers.

Some folks use ASIO4ALL which does combine multiple interfaces, but at the cost of very high latency - which you’d hear playing your keyboard.

The most straightforward thing to do is route the audio from your Gaia into your main Audio Interface. If the Gaia & your audio interface support digital audio you should get pretty much the same signal as the USB. But even a good quality plain old analog audio cable should produce fine results.

But the limitation is that only one audio interface can talk to Cubase at once.