Usb audio interface

Hi all,

I’m using a focusrite scarlett 18i8. It seems to be working fine on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite with Audio Evolution Mobile. Routing from the Focusrite inputs, monitoring, recording and playback are all working in that app.

I’m honestly disappointed at how little effort appears to have been made on audio input options for Cubasis. It’s not an inexpensive app. I’m pretty sure Audio Evolution Mobile is made by just one developer and he has all of this working like butter with plenty of options at a fraction of the price I paid for Cubasis. He even wrote his own USB audio driver for to get better i/o performance on android.

When I try to use the interface in Cubasis, I can see it listed under the audio settings, but there’s no way to choose from the interface’s inputs in the routing section of the track/channel options. Is Cubasis not capable of routing multi-channel interfaces? Cubasis was working (without monitoring) with an iRig usb interface, so I thought the Focusrite would work too. Please let me know if you have questions about my setup in case I’m missing something.


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