USB Audio output issues


I have just bought a Behringer USB Xenyx mixing desk which has USB audio connections (and windows driver).

In Cubase, I have loaded this devise in the Devcice Setup/VST Audio System and it shows both input and output ports active. I have mapped them as relevant in the VST connections. All looks good. When I play an instrument connected to the mixer, Cubase recognises the input signal and records it successfully. But, when I try to play back [into the mixer], I get nothing.

Interestingly cubase’s mixer shows no activity on the output when I play the track - so my guess is that something is not configured right in Cubase or the USB driver somewhere.

Any ideas?

Disable the input monitor on playback…

Thanks, tried that and at first it didn’t work, but after doing the same and turning solo off it worked! surprisingly turning solo back on/off afterwards no longer affects it, so perhaps some fumbled fingers in there as well :wink: