***USB-C eLicencer***

Any chance one of you might happen to have an idea of when the eLicencer will be available in a usb-c form factor?

Have you heard that it IS at all?

Seems unlikely anytime soon as they only just changed the eLicenser to a slightly smaller model. I can see why Mac users might want it but I can also see millions more people complaining that “the new eLicenser is too small”, “the dog ate it”, “I ate it as I thought it was tablet”, etc…

In that case, (and better yet) I think it would be amazing to have a system like Waves uses where the licence can be managed online and moved directly onto the computer, removing the requirement to usb a usb licenser at all. Having to carry around this tiny usb drive with me is such an inconvenience, especially since the computer I’m now using no longer has USB A ports.

Perhaps one of these might help as a crutch.

Waves plugins are the most available cracked software out there. You can found all plugins for free. So keep the dongle and protect our beloved Steinberg software. Period.

Give us a metal-like dongle. Unbreakble

+1 for all that…I think the size is about right now but a metal case one you could stand on would be excellent.

Yes please Steinberg a full metal dongle!