USB-C Support for e-licenser

Hey, as a long time user of the standard e-licenser usb stick, I was wondering how long it will be until Steinberg release a usb-c (usb 3.1) compatible stick. I want to upgrade to the macbook pro 2016/17 models that only feature this port and am wondering how long I’d need to carry a dongle around for until there is a native usb-c elicenser. Will it be weeks, months? Just hoping someone can come in and tell me how far down the pipeline it is. Thanks a lot

Regarding your inquiry: We do not have any sort of ETA at this time.
Our US support team is currently using USB 3 to USB-C adapters on Macbook Pros.

I use a MacBook Pro 2016 and I use a USB-C to USB adaptor for the e-licenser. You’d better use an Apple one with a cable extension, as the short ones may damage your USB-c port if you knock it by mistake.
I am not sure, though, whether the e-licencer can be used to register virtual instruments, such as the VI Labs Ravenscroft 275 piano.

feel bad for your support team