USB Control Surfaces Connection Issues


I’ve been struggling with some USB controller’s connection. I’ve had the problem with both the Arturia Keystep and the Behringer X-Touch Mini. When connected through USB, I always need to unplug and then replug the devices when I start the day. It’s like Cubase does not make the link until I do so.

I’ve since plugged the Keystep using midi instead of USB to avoid this but a lot of controllers now are USB only. I am using these in somewhat medium to large control room / studio (in today’s standards) so I need to have USB extensions. Could that be the issue? I was plugged into hubs at first then tried using extensions directly to the motherboard back plate connectors without any success. I still need to unplug and replug the device for it to link with Cubase.

I realize this could be a Windows 10 issue as well.

Any ideas?


I have exactly the same issue with my Faderport classic. Also Windows 10.