USB controller (mixer) for Cubase 8?

Is there a decent USB-controller that looks and works like a mixer, 8 channels or so that you can edit at once (the more the better)? I want to control either the built in mixer or more likely, some EQ plugin.

Been thinking of buying an external mixer just to be able to have something more hands-on (since its both more fun, faster to use etc), but i think i’d go for a USB controller if there is a good one where i can have the same control as an ordinary mixer, but it can’t have any menu diving or press shift to do this or that, just some simple scroll function to get to the new channels… Any ideas or suggestions?

There’s the Mackie MCU Pro (or the older non Pro second hand), the icon Qcon series, Faderport 8.
I’ve been using the Mackie MCU Pro for several years now, couldn’t live without it anymore.
But if I had to buy a new controller now, I’d go for the new Qcon Pro, cheaper than the Mackie, same functionality (for the most part) and it has a meterbridge.

Thanks! I’ll look into Qcon Pro.

Rigging up a tablet can give you the most freedom & more portability but it’s not as fun as physical automated faders.
Hexler TouchOSC may be the most customizable.