USB-dongel, come on?!

Dear Steinberg.

I’m a long time pro music producer and educator.
My work is also my passion in life, I enjoy making music so much even at spare time when inspiration hits me I like to sketch some ideas down. However, what hinders me is that damned dongel stuck in the studio computers ass, so after getting a bit of inspiration and lust and all I want is making music for the pure fun of it on my laptop I can’t use the best recording program i the world.

Come on Steiners, there’s got to be a way around it?

Best regards, Martin.

Yes, there is…An additional license. :smiley:

Yes, there is…An additional license. > :smiley:

Like me you seemed to figure out the Steinberg financial strategy, spot on! Come on people -raise your voices let’s not keep dancing around it!


Cubase elements dont have dongle, you might want to buy that instead of a second licence. I use both too. Elements is more than capable for recording ideas etc. then bring it to the main studio with your Cubase pro.

This isn’t the first request and won’t be the last either.

Maybe all dongle requests can be combined?

I like the idea that since Cubase7 (or was it C6?) Cubase has not been illegally copied. Score one for the dongle. But I understand the frustration of others too. I also like UAD. :wink:

I hope it never goes away, best protection ever invented. Just buy another license and dongle, it’s not that expensive compared to what a professional instrument costs.

I use both too. Cubase Elements use Soft-eLicenser instead of USB-eLicenser (that means NO DONGLE), and costs way less then Cubase Artist/Pro. Please see features comparison somewhere on the Steinberg site, and get what Elements is capable of!

Eh, to make that strategy seem reasonable to anyone it would mean that Pro should come with an Essential license.

Essential: you mean Elements, right? :wink:

It’s a one way ticket. Opening a Pro project is a mess, beginning with the lack of VCA-Fader “problem” and ends up with the routings. So, if you want to open and use a Pro project you need Pro, any other version is advertisement bullshit.

While in the need to be mobile I’ve bought a second Pro license, Steinberg hangs around in the “Steinzeit” where the counts of DAWs are less than five. For peoples they are setting up their computer every morning, the dongle is very helpful, for the others, this is … a mess.

Last year in the german part of this forum they talk about an USB-Server which can be useful if you open Cubase on a computer within the same network, e.g. the home one. You can’t open Cubase on two machines with the same license at the same time, which is ok. One of the Steinberg employee answered, to use the dongle this way the overall Cubase performance will be decreased … I’ll left this statement as is.

I agree, but the thread opener said he want to record his ideas when inspiration hits him. As I read it, he wants to use cubase on the laptop without removing the dongle from the other PC first, not really bring a project back and forth between two different computers, which can be a mess as you write. IF he just need a recoder (pluss some more) for quickly getting his inspiration on disk, elements can do that cheaply.

It would be really nice for Steinberg to give elements to Pro owners. I have pro and like many others I hate traveling around with a dongle. I keep the dongle at the studio on the main computer. I have been doing the trial of elements just to have on my macbook pro laptop. I really like it for quickly putting down sketches. I’m sure I’ll end up buying it because I do find it useful, but it does feel punitive to have to buy it when I already own Pro.

I love how Studio One allows installation on ip to 3 computers. Wish steinberg would allow this too. It’s too bad. I just cant take the risk of removing my dongle at the end of the day and bring it home with me. I feel like I would need to put it in a briefcase and handcuff it to my hand til I got home and vice versa back. :smiley:

Yep totally agree.

Yeah. It used to be called Essential back in my day. :sunglasses:

Not that I really need a new system, I am happy with using a dongle, but Steinberg could also implement licenses with unlimited installations and no dongle, but you need to pay per project… A simple license would then allow for 5 or 10 projects a year, in three grades (elements, artist and pro), and you can buy more projects as you need them.

Oh, and btw, you will also forfeit any rights to your music and your soul will burn in hell forever… :smiling_imp:

Yes, that would be great except the price would presumably have to be raised to cover the loss of sales to users like me who buy a separate Elements license so I can have a mobile version without the Dongle. No problem for me but I expect all those who have no interest in the free Elements or who’d rather not pay for it might object.

the price would presumably have to be raised to cover the loss of sales to users like me who buy a separate Elements license so I can have a mobile version without the Dongle

That wasn’t an earned sale anyway. Think about it: you already have the right to use the full software, but because the dongle is impractical you bought it again so you can use a worse version of the software, while actually having paid for the full license.

I don’t think there’s any need to patronise me DJW.

You may consider it reasonable for a company to give away extra licenses of its products but I don’t. The current arrangement makes sense to me, I don’t consider Elements a worse version of the software (it has some limitations but also has the advantage of being on my laptop when my Dongle is elsewhere).

Just because we don’t agree doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about it.

Not to mention my 2 ILOKS and USB stick (for my Waves plugins). I wish everyone would go to the 2-3 activation route but I’m afraid it will never happen…