usb dongle does not work on my notebook

my usb dongle does not load dorico on my notebook. it asked for an activation code.
I have dorico on both a desktop and notebook and move my dongle to whatever I am using.

I ran mantenance and it was all ok. How can I get the dongle to work on both machines?

Then you might have a mechanical/electrical problem on your notebook. The dongle has an LED, does it glow when connected to your notebook?

Also, please open the Device Manager (hit the Windows key and type device manager, then enter). In the list of devices, do you see an item “eLicenser”? The attached picture shows how it shall look like.

flew in late from la, got home in the middle of the night (midwest) and (without much sleep or any rest and not used to bad weather) put the usb dongle in my notebook. didn’t load dorico. ran maintenance. didn’t work. with rest, repeated it this morning, looking for the light on the dongle and presence in device manager. all now was a go. i successfully loaded dorico into the notebook. my guess is that I didn’t push the dongle into the port far enough the night before. but it works. thanks.