USB Dongle for Cubase pro 10 question


I purchased the latest Cubase pro 10 and it came with a USB dongle which I need to plug in every time I use the software. That should generally not be a problem but the thing my laptop that I am using for sound production has only 1 USB port which is already taken by my audio interface - UR 242 - I tried using a USB hub with both items plugged in, but Cubase won’t see the audio interface in that case.

My laptop has 2 thunderbolt 3 ports and 1 USB. Can I plug my dongle through some kind of thunderbolt USB adapter? Did anyone experience such a problem?


Of course.
Is the interface USB powered? Is so, you should probably use a powered USB hub, so the interface gets enough power.

There might be something here?

Thanks guys, my interface also has a power supply, I will get an USB C to USB A adapter to see if it works.