USB dongle lost!

Seems like I lost my USB elicenser dongle … :frowning:

It had to happen sooner or later, although I have 3 generations of iLoks, and a Waves USB dongle, never lost any of them. Oh well. Stuff happens.

Now what, just buy a new dongle, and go to the My Steinberg page, log in, and reactivate the license?

Is this the dongle that I should have, see below?

I read something about zero downtime, is that available for Dorico as well? I didn’t sign up for Zero downtime for Dorico, they have it for iLok, but it’s a paid service … I’ve never lost any of my iLoks and some companies offer an immediate temp license (e.g., EW).

Thanks, and Merry Christmas everyone!!!

ps am I the first one to lose his Steinberg Dorico USB dongle, and if so, is there an award for that? Like, a dunce cap with “Dorico Dunce of the Month” stenciled across it … aside from the dongle lost, that would be quite appropriate for me on several levels. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear you lost your USB-eLicenser, Peter. As soon as you have a new one (the product you linked to on Sweetwater is the right one) then you should be able to use the Steinberg Zero Downtime service, details of which are here. You might consider buying two USB-eLicensers and keeping one in a safe place so that you really can use the ZDT service next time a disaster befalls you.

Thanks Daniel!

Good tip about buying two dongles … and as usual you’re on the ball. Hope you are enjoying the holidays! :slight_smile:

Hi Daniel:

I purchased two new dongles, and then - ah quelle surprise! - I found the original dongle which I thought had gone lost.

Question: do I register the two new dongles, just in case I really lose my dongle? Or do I just keep them in a safe place, in case shit really happens?


No, you can just keep them in a safe place for now.

This happens on a regular basis here: ex:Tablet lost, buy a new one to find the other the day after…
I hope I’m OK with 3 USB dongles :smiley: