USB Dongle + No USB Dongle - activation question

USB Dongle + No USB Dongle - activation question

Just installed Wavelab 11 Pro. Installed without E-licenser as expected based on what I have read about the '22 upgrades. Although the new WL11 Pro boxed set did come with an new E - USB dongle. That said, my Cubase 11 is still tied to my USB E licenser. If I cannot use/don’t need the dongle for WaveLab 11 Pro, can I get rid of it completely and run Cubase 11 without it? Or conversely tie WL11 to it?- I would like the option of one or the other.

You can’t run Cubase 11 without the dongle. There is no other answer for that.

Thanks. I see, it’s an 11 and older issue? Appreciate that.

I had seen this - Cubase 12 products no longer use the E-licenser according to this:

I saw something called a migration voucher - here. I wonder if I can migrate CB11 at some point?

You need to upgrade to Cubase 12. Unfortunate you have just missed a great upgrade offer. If you get Cubase 12 you won’t need the dongle for Cubase, however any Steinberg plugins that have not been moved over to the new licensing on your dongle will still require it to be plugged in.