USB dongle required for 10.5 LE -> 11 Artist Upgrade?

I purchased Artist 11 as part of the Black Friday sale.

Do I need to wait until I receive my USB dongle to upgrade if I want to continue the functionality? Or is there a grace period between installation and requirement of the dongle?


You need an USB-eLicenser, if you want to start Cubase Artist 11.

The steps are following:

  • Transfer Cubase 10.5 LE license to the USB-eLicenser.
  • Upgrade Cubase LE 10.5 license to Cubase Artist 11 license.

You will get Cubase Artist 12 for free (thanks to the Grace Period), once it will be released. Then you will not need the USB-eLicenser anymore. So you could also wait with the upgrade and do it once Cubase 12 is released. Then you will not need the USB-eLicenser, so you don’t have to buy it, now.

Thanks Martin.

I guess I’ll sit around watching paint dry until my eLicenser arrives.