USB Dongle works properly only when inserted on the front

Dear community

I recently experienced “Cubase 6 won’t re-turn on once after it’s been turned off unless I reboot my computer”.
Chris from Steinberg Tech Support helped me through remote control then we realized putting the dongle usb on the front end of the Tower fixes the issue, but when I put my usb dongle in any of the usb slots located in the back of the pc tower, it shows the same problematic behavior.

Does anybody know why this is happening? I always like to preserve the usb slots on the front side for easier access and use all my keyboard and other wireless usb dongles to back side of my tower.

I’d be really appreciated if you can help me!
Thank you

List some system specs…

Are the USB ports on the back USB 2 or 3? Same question for the front.

Also, try plugging in the elicenser into one of the USB port on the back that you know is working (maybe where your keyboard is plugged in) as a test.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Hi christlee89

No idea what kind of DAW you’re running, but if you can access the BIOS, check that the rear USB ports are enabled.