USB Dongles - quality complain !

so the things go like this. this is my 3rd syncrosoft dongle i have and it started to break in half (the external plastic), same like the other 2 before broke. so, i never had a USB stick that got broken, only the syncrosoft dongles brake. so the old light blue and new purple have bad plastic quality. so now i have to buy another one if i want any warranty for my licences (cause i do not think i can ask for any support if i bring a licence repaired with glue or some similar), and then it will brake again , and we roll in a circle - me, stupid buying dongles and the bastards making money on me. so can we make some better quality plastic and finish this story?


I also don’t like to use the dongle directly on a port where it can be easily damaged (like on a laptop).

I have solved this little problem by doing this things:

I bought a short USB extension cable (about 20 cm.).
I also bought a little plastic box (as used in electronics), just a little bigger than the dongle, but with enough room to add some protecting foam.

I connected the dongle to the extension cable and placed it inside the plastic box - together with protective foam. Only the extension cable is coming out of the box.

Now the dongle is protected and not easily damaged by bumping into it, and plugging in and out a lot can possibly damage the cable if something goes wrong, but the cable is easily replaced. The dongle itself is not plugged in and out at all.

If you take the total costs of this little operation it is a cheap way to protect the valuable licence stored on the dongle (and avoid the cost for replacing the dongle if it is damaged).

My dongle is in a small padded plastic box connected to a short usb cable, safe and sound, not as easy to lose either.

We’re with Steinberg, we’re good at workarounds :stuck_out_tongue:

Another of brain’s incarnations. :yes:

How do you manage to break the dongles anyway? Mine’s in the back of my machine near the wall and feckin stays there. I suppose you have a problem if you use them on a laptop. Still, the dongle is THE most important thing after the actual program. Take better care of it :sunglasses:

I travel with my Dongle a lot, every day, from home to work and viceversa. It’s in very bad shape by now, hold together with some tape.

I would like to have a better build Dongle to carry my expensive licenses. It’s not cheap. A dongle like this one would be nice and elegant:
I have one of this and looks gorgeous! :slight_smile:

Super Talent, eh? Does it make you a virtuoso, as well as hold licenses? :mrgreen:

LOL, that would be nice :smiley:

My solution that also gave peace of mind and security was to place the dongle inside my DAW.

Some USB cards include an internal USB connection such as in this photo I snagged from the internetz

I would love to find a USB card with EVERY port inside the pc for dongle use ! That would be GREAT for those with many dongles - especially when you may rent out time in your studio and security may be an issue.

My current workaround was to use a USB breakout box that allows multiple USB connections from an open drive bay. I simply mounted this internally facing inside the pc - and leave the drive bay closed on the case so it remains unseen.

Laptop users - I wish I had a solution, but my thought on that for YEARS has simply been to make an epoxy mold and set the dongle into it as it cures. Sealed, more durable but 100% unaccessable in case you or steinberg ever needs to open it to verify anything.

Basically like making ice cubes that become permanent. Just set the dongle into one (with metal connector un-coververed)

NOTE: If you experiment with epoxy PLEASE upload ALL of your lic first so you are merely experimenting with a 100% EMPTY dongle. Once it is completely finished you can download your lic files again !

A few years ago I saw someone using wood for his dongles. They looked very nice.

All mine (4) are cracked too. Small cracks, but all in the same place.

Nice post! Great pictures and all.

They should make a “rubberised” one, you know… like those drum kits :laughing:


I neglected to mention mine was encased in concrete and watched over by a private security firm 24/7 :laughing:

LOL. I am going to concrete my hub into a cinderblock now. Never thought of that!

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You’re going to encase yer Dongle in concrete??? :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Piccies, or it didn’t happen.

On second thought, scratch that last request. Last thing I need is to have to take my eyeballs out with salad forks. :wink:

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