USB driver not allowing computer playback

I just got an UR22 Mkii interface and i’m encountering an issue with the current version of the USB driver.

DAW: Reaper
OS: Windows 10
computer: i7 processor, 16gb ram.
setup: guitar → DI box → interface → computer

I have dedicated computer speakers (not studio monitors), and I was able to listen to my audio playback in reaper using my previous audio interface. When I select the Steinberg usb drivers, the audio setting doesn’t does not provide the option to have direct playback from my computer, it only allows for the two output jacks on the back of the interface.
The interface does work with headphones. Additionally, when I select my ASIO4ALl driver, it does allow me to playback through my computer speakers. The problem is that the ASIO4ALL starts out fine but after about 5 minutes it gets really crackily and i have to reset the driver.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can get the steinberg driver to recognize my computer audio as possible output?

You cannot. The Steinberg drivers are for your Steinberg audio interface only and not for on board audio chips.

For the ASIO4ALL driver problem. That is something that happens sometimes because that driver is not specific for any sound device.

Solution, since you bought an audio interface, why do you want to use the somewhat worse quality on board sound chip when working in your DAW?