USB dropouts in case Win10 KB4589212 install

Hello! I faced with USB dropouts on 8700k, Radeon 5700xt PC. Interface - UR22C.

Dropouts are only on IDLE system when rendering something, for example window resize or webpage load, no issues under the stress video load.

After few days research I found an issue - Windows KB4589212 update. I also tested this on clean Windows 10 install. Also no dropouts in case I switch to intel internal graphics or uninstall KB4589212.

I do not know who to blame: MS, Intel or AMD. Hope this will help Steinberg users.

Also is it good idea to report this to Steinberg customer service?

You should blame Intel… :thinking:
this update is a microcode update for older Windows versions
and it’s always a good idea to report this to Steinberg

This update for the new versions too. For example Windows 10 20H2.

That’s what I found with a quick search…
and I’m not sure what it means… under products it mentions only older versions

I suppose “and later” means everything new too. Anyway all new Win10 versions are mentioned on this KB Windows support site.

I am on the latest Win 10 version and received this update few weeks ago, unfortunately. Hope these issues are just for my config only, and not all Intel with AMD graphics systems are affected.