USB e-Licenscer question

Are there any preventative measures I can take in case I lose my USB e-Licenscer? I work on the go quite a bit, and although I am very protective of the piece it’s not out of the realm of possibility that it might get lost.

I registered my version of Cubase 7 on the first day that I installed it. Hopefully that helps.

Any horror stories out there? Does Steinberg capitalize on your loss and make you pay for a whole new product?

BTW - my dongle fell apart within a month of using it and I had to tape it back together. I wonder if it will just snap altogether at some point. I just can’t stand the fact that so much value is placed on a flimsy piece of plastic.

Lose your dongle, you lose Cubase, that simple. If your dongle is falling apart you can buy another one and transfer the license to it. Ive had two fall apart, they are JUNK!!

Keep it on a necklace or strap around your neck. You lose it your screwed bro