USB E license PC to Mac


So I use Cubase Studio 4 on a PC and have recently bought a Mac.

I’m looking to upgrade to Cubase Pro 8.5 on both computers and wondered if that was something the my current E license could handle or if it needed to be Mac only or PC only.

Apologises if that’s a silly question, would just like to know that I can use my current USB e licence on both machines.

You definitely can use it on both OSes, just make sure to download the latest eLicenser Control Center on both machines:

Many thanks for the quick reply!

Can I only use the e license on two systems?

There’s no limit, Cubase will work for as long as the eLicenser is connected to an USB port on the computer you’re using.

Weirdly, I’ve been able to update the E License on the mac and my laptop however, on my desktop, it says that the USB E license is broken and needs to be returned to the vendor.

It’s working fine on the other two systems AND I can still open Cubase on my desktop.

This doesn’t add up!

Update to say that I reinstalled the E license control centre and it’s no longer saying the key is broken!

Do E Licenses need to be ‘ejected’ on Windows? I never have done this but after this little scare I’m wondering if I should!

You can safely remove the eLicenser dongle whenever you want if Cubase and the eLicenser Control Center are closed.

You only risk corrupting data in your dongle if you remove it while activating a license or performing maintenance tasks. This is very unlikely to happen by accident.