USB E-Licenser cross-platform...

I’m using a custom-built desktop in my studio, with Cubase 8, under 64-bit Windows 7. It’s nice, and it suits me, and it fits my needs, most of the time, aside from the usual Windows Lottery (what random bit of hardware/software will Winows fail to recognise today? etc).

For live use, however, I need better stability and reliability than I’ll get with a Windows laptop (and I’m stuffed if I’m dragging a desktop the size of a small fridge on and off stages, with a monitor etc). I’ve reached the conclusion that when you see bands using a lot of tech stuff on stage that involves a laptop, there’s always a glowing Apple logo. It’s not just down to pure snobbery. It’s because they just work.

So with that in mind, I’m getting my hands on a suitable-spec Macbook Pro to use on stage.

I understand that the USB E-Licenser manages the use of multiple instances of Cubase, so that I could have it installed on a desktop and a laptop, and only use one at a time with the E-Licenser plugged in - does anybody know if this works across platforms, with the Windows version installed in the studio and the Mac version installed on stage?

Yes…of course.

Thanks for the confirmation… :slight_smile:

You say “of course” - in my experience, once there’s a computer and software involved anywhere along the way, the words “of course” don’t feature. For example, I’m using a pair of MOTU Ultralite Mk3 audio interfaces, connected via Firewire. Windows can see them, Ableton can see it them, Reaper can see them - but Cubase won’t even run unless I unplug one of them completely. Of course it should work… :wink:

It is nice to know that at least some of the things that should just work, just work. :wink: