USB e-licenser dongle

CUBASE newbie here. I have a question regarding the e-licenser and the transition in CUBASE 12. I was thinking to get the e-licenser to get all my plugins and VSTs into two computers.

From my understanding, from CUBASE 12, the USB e-licenser is not needed anymore. However, what happens with other plugins, and virtual instruments such as Anima, Basic FX Suite, Retrologue 2, WaveLab, etc? Do we need the USB e-licenser to make it work on two different computers until Steinberg does the whole transition to the new licensing model?

Any information here will be appreciated.

This info is on this page: New Steinberg Licensing

Search on that page for “After I update to Steinberg Licensing”

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Thank you, that clarifies my question.

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Great, I hope you don’t mind then, I’ll close this topic since it’s been discussed a lot in many other posts.