Usb E-Licenser has already been registered.

Hi all,

I bought a licenser from ebay (Empty) and replaced my tatty looking (Worried it would break) old licenser. I have off loaded my licenses to it, went to register in “My Steinberg” and it states the USB licenser has already been registered.

Anyone know what I can do?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

It appears you bought a used eLicenser which has already been registered by the previous owner. You should ask them to “un-register” it.

What jaslan said.

Unfortunately, in such cases also the Support Team cannot help, as we cannot delete registrations unless the request comes from the user who currently have it registered.

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You may be able to help me. I have an original dongle I registered (Dongle A). This works fine.
Thinking it was getting old and maybe there was a problem with it I transferred my licenses to a new dongle (Dongle B) and registered it.

Then finding that it still had a “fault”, which turned out to be my computer I transferred the licenses back and continued working for a while with Dongle A.

However checking new licenses later I discovered that Dongle B was registered but could not remember the password for it. And to complicate, when I enter “Forgot password…” it tells me that all my possible emails are used already.

Problem: What is Steinberg’s definition of a “user who originally registered…”. ie: Does support just need my name or do I NEED my password registration entry?

It’s complicated. I am resigned to just buying a new unregistered dongle though. If the solution is simple I’ll do that, but they don’t cost a fortune.

Hello Bantam,

no, it’s not too complicated.
In such cases the USB-eLicensers numbers and / or e-mail address(es) are usually all we need.

I’m sending you a PM.

@ iridium: please, contact the seller and ask him to delete the registration in MySteinberg (eLicensers tab → click on the USB-eLicenser → click on “delete registration”).

If the seller is no longer a Steinberg user, he/she can also contact us in order to assist (be it a registration, issues with the acces credentials or request the account cancellation).

Excellent, Fabio. Thanks. I have replied.

Thanks Jaslan, I was struggling with the same problem…
I hope it finally works :slight_smile: