USB e-Licenser key


I’am using Cubase Elements 8.
I would like to know if I switch to Artist 8.5 can I use the USB e-Licenser key that I have from my old Cubase SX3 or should I buy a new one?



Yes you can, but try to plug it in now and make sure it’s in working order.


this is my pre-purchase question also, did it indeed work?
Was there additional ‘introduction’ authorization numbers to enter?

Hi Rob,

Sorry couldn’t tell you if it works because I really don’t want to install this e-licenser usb key unless I have to, by switching to Artist or Pro version. But for now as a Reaper user too, I am not convinced yet and for many reasons, but mostly for The expensive cost and the fact that there is no real Notation editor (only for Pro version) who for me is really a shame.


Finally I tried,

I just had a message saying that windows update found the drivers, that’s it, but how can I be sure that this old USB e-Licenser key will be recognized by Cubase 9 Artist??

Download the latest eLicenser Control Center from Steinberg. That’s all you need for Cubase 9 to work.

You could open elicenser control centre and check that it is recognised there…you might try running maintenance on it.
If it is then it should work.

FWIW I’m using a Cubase 4.0 era elicenser without issue.

Worst case if it caused problems you would have to copy the license over to a new dongle.

I’ve opened the eLicenser Control Centre and indeed I can see the USB key (see picture), I’ve also tried the maintenance and every 6 steps were OK.
Do you think guys that is it ok for Cubase 9?? I rather be sure that I haven’t to buy a new usb key when buying Artist version to not get extra fees later if in fact I have to buy it.

Yes if the device recognized and updated you’re good to go

I have switched from Elements to Artist and it works!
All I had to do is to transfert the Elements version license (to be upgraded) to the USB-eLicenser.
Thank you all for your help!