USB E-Licenser Problem Help from Admins...

…or anyone else who is willing to help:
I am on Cubase 6 now, came last week. I have my old E-Licenser which i keep upgrading my C Versions
since SX2. The USB thing i have now still works but if moved a little disconects from the comp and then
you have to touch it and fix it again so you can actually open Cubase:
My question is:
How and where do i replace this? How much do i pay and is it easy to transwer the license?

Thanks You!

While on this, i upgraded to Cubase 6 from 4, i recieved a very small box with the DVD’s and
no printed manual (very dissapointed)…is it the way it is or only cuz i just upgraded?
Cubase 6 that i have already costs me over 2000$ and i got no manual>

Thank You!

You can get a replacement at Guitar Center, or such for like $35 US IIRC. LCC contains a transfer wizard so it’s a snap. Don’t delay, if it stops working all together, you need to send in the old and new Dongle so they can transfer the license. They will issue a new license if the Dongle is stolen and you have registered at MySteinberg, but I don’t know if that applies to broken Dongles.


Most questions regarding the USB eLicenser are answered in this knowledge base article. Also questions regarding lost/stolen dongles are answered in this article.

Link to article



Thank you very much, to both of You!