USB-e-Licenser shipping question

New to these forums so i may have posted in the wrong section. Really sorry if this is the case.

I own Cubase Elements 11 and yesterday i decided to upgrade to Pro version. I did no research on the topic and just bought the upgrade. Three hours later i realized that activation process is different from Elements version and i need a USB-e-Licenser to activate the product, which is a physical object and not a software (shocking).

I think i paid for USB-e-Licenser and for the shipping (not sure to which location though). So what are my options now?

Do i need to wait until the USB-e-Licenser is delivered to me? Since i live in Moscow i’m unsure about the possibility of it being delivered to me…

Or do i just buy one here in Moscow from any company? In this case, is it possible to get the money i paid for USB-e-Licenser and for the shipping back?

I already sent messages to:
US Steinberg support - lifeless robot told me that they can’t access accounts outside of US due to laws in Germany
Asknet support - no response as of yet
Yamaha Music in Russia - no response as of yet
DHL in Russia - made a phonecall and they said that they don’t know about cases of Steinberg USB Licenser deliveries to russian customers

The way i see it - best-case scenario for me is: i cancel USB Licenser delivery, get a refund for it AND for delivery, then i just order the thing from some company in Moscow.
So how do i do it and what are the chances of it becoming a reality?

Thanks in advance!

That’s the correct place to write. Good luck to you.

You also must have created an account at the Asknet website to make the purchase, so presumably you can log in and view your order.

I have no idea which credentials i have to use to log in at the Asknet website. I tried everything related to Steinberg but nothing seems to work. Also i don’t have any info on registration on their website in my mail archive… When i try to reset the password i get this thing
“You are not authorised to access this portal. Kindly contact your helpdesk administrator”
I just submitted a ticket containing all necessary info about my problem and i got a confirmation message via email (thank god). Guess i just have to pray that someone who isn’t an artificial life form will get in touch with me.
I read here and there that Asknet take their time answering customer messages.
Not liking any of this.

You use the credentials that you used to create the account there, and which is in the return address in your email receipt from the purchase.

Just got a message containing tracking ID for my Licenser delivery.
Was NOT expecting that.
Seems like i was wrong about the delivery chances. You know, all these tensions between US/NATO/Russia, sanctions, economical isolation… kinda makes me doubt successfull international interactions are possible.
Anyway, sorry i polluted the forums with my weeping.

No problem! We’re used to flooding, and wear short pants. :crazy_face:

Hello! Just wanted to say something.
Almost 2 months passed and today i got my USB licenser. But it’s not the one that Steinberg sent me. The original died somewhere between St.Petersburg and Moscow. Why? Russian Post - that’s why!
When i made an upgrade, i thought that delivery is by DHL. When i realized that i’ll have to deal with Russian Post, i got electrocuted instantly with that thought.
It is a well known fact that our post service is good for nothing. It was that way since forever.
But i wanted to give them a benefit of the doubt, because, you know, it’s 2021. Maybe they changed their evil ways and all that jazz… Well, looks like the progress missed them by a mile.
I visited my post office 2 times - they just shrug at everything i say. Not surprised at all. When i call their hotline - i get a warm greetings from an artificial life form with 0 chance of having a conversation with a real human being.
Too bad i didn’t know you can just buy the licenser in Moscow. So that is a lesson for me - you gotta make a research every time.
So um, yeah, russian post - 48 days - licenser lost. Regular random russian dj store - 17 hours - successful delivery.
So if you have an option to avoid any contacts with Russin post - take that option and don’t look back. If you don’t have that option - avoid them anyway. You’ll probably have better chances with homing pigeon post. Attaching the mandatory Risitas pic so you can laugh with me at russian post.

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Really sorry, but I have to continue this thread. So after I realized I’m not getting my licenser, I went to my local post office and wrote a paper that says «you lost my stuff now go and find it». I think it’s called «claim» in English, not sure though. It was saturday, august 21st. They are obliged to send me a letter with their response in 90 days. Did I get it? Of course not! On the 91st day I called the hotline where the female operator asked me for my claim number (they gave me the lower part of the claim where this number was printed). Unfortunately, sometime after first month of waiting I kinda lost faith and threw that number away in a pretty angry manner. So I said that I don’t have the number and she told me that they can’t find my claim if I don’t know it’s number. So they just lost my claim too. I had no choice but to visit my office again and write another claim. Another 90 days of waiting, huzzah!

Recently my friend told me that Steinberg and/or Asknet are still responsible for the delivery even if it’s Russian post who f’d up. Is this true? I’d like to get my money back because, you know, I’m not a millionaire and I had to buy another licenser.

So if I won’t get any compensation from our post for the lost licenser, do I have the right to ask for a refund on licenser and delivery service? I’ll do my best to make them pay though, because they lost my 2 other packages. And I’m waiting for brand new Bare Knuckles Polymaths set. Unfortunately, there was no way of avoiding our post service, so I’m pretty worried about them.

Again, I apologize for this kind of stuff. I really don’t enjoy this.