Usb e-licenser usb port change

Hi i just moved the usb licenser to a different port on my computer(just next to the previous port)and when i tried to start the program it couldnt see the licences,when i moved it back to the previous port it worked again after messing the sound banks(i had to locate manually some sounds on the project.
Please fix this issue changing a usb port for the usb e licenser shouldnt be a problem.
i also noticed small interuptions in signal flow(after the whole incident)thhank u. also deactivated my internet connection.(the whole procedure)cheers

I do this pretty often, because I switch between the USB port in a docking station and the USB port in the laptop itself, when I remove it from the docking station. No problems at all with this.

Did you run the eLicenser Control Center when you changed the port and tried the maintenance there?

Btw.: This is a user forum, not the Steinberg support. So if you want to report this to Steinberg directly you need to open a support ticket.