USB eLicense Confusion

Hi… I’ve a some questions about the licensing system for Dorico/Steinberg…

from Sweetwater, a reseller of of Dorico, it states: " Dorico Pro 3.5 requires a Steinberg eLicenser Key (not included). Please contact your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for more information."

However, this seems to imply the software can be Soft e-licenser (on the hard drive, ironically) or USB dongle. I’d prefer to not have to have a USB stuck to my machine… so am more interested in the soft option.

Can someone clarify … is the software license option only available if I purchase direct from Dorico?

Also… when I upgrade my machine… is the only option to transfer the software license to a USB license… so then I end up in a situation where I have a new machine, but am saddled with a dongle (honestly, may prevent upgrade!) … or, is there some way re-authorize my existing license on a new machine (and de-authorize it on the old)?

Dorico can be used with the Soft e-licenser. You only need the USB licenser if you want to run Dorico on more than one computer.

I have two Dorico licenses and I’m pretty sure the one i purchased from Sweetwater is the one I’m using with the Soft e-licenser.

It is not necessary to transfer the license to USB when upgrading a computer. As noted on the Steinberg help page you referenced, you can reactivate a Soft e-license via a MySteinberg account if you upgrade hardware.

Thanks @sspharis , yes, found the ‘Reactivation’ link for others that may be looking at some point.