USB eLicenser backup

Hi, I use Cubase 8 everyday, and it is my main working tool. What worries me quite a lot is a USB eLicenser-based protection system, because USB eLicenser doesn’t seem to be very reliable, and every time I plug it in or out (I use more that one computer) I fear it will fall apart or will just stop working. I have a spare empty USB eLicenser, but I don’t know if there’s a method to quickly replace broken eLicenser with a new one? How the licenses are transferred etc. Could anyone please elaborate on this?

This gives you immediate but temp licences

Then basically you must contact Steinberg for permanent licences

Can I ask something?
When you say you use more than one computer, you mean with the same dongle?
I just got a MacBook and i cant run my cubase 8 pro on it with the dongle i use on PC.

Did you pay full price for cubase on each computer?

I just got a MacBook and i cant run my cubase 8 pro on it with the dongle i use on PC.

Why…what happens? What o/s version exactly? Did you install the latest elicencer software on the Mac?

You can alleviate this by plugging the dongle into a short USB extension lead, then it’s the lead that takes the wear, not the dongle. I’ve always felt the clear plastic of the dongles is badly specified - they simply crack after a bit of use if you’re taking them in and out, but I’ve got my two dongles (main and backup) taped up with insulating tape, and they’re fine - I work in multiple locations and my dongle gets plugged in all over the place, and it’s been doing this for years without issue.

I’ve never had an electronic problem with one, but a couple of clients have done, and Steinberg’s service getting them up and running has been very good, meaning they’ve lost no work in their studios.

Yes, I mean the same dongle, since I have only one Cubase license. I use Cubase on two Macs and occasionally on a Windows PC, works without problems. Maybe there’s something with eLicenser software on some of your machines, as Grim pointed above.