USB eLicenser - Cubase 10 and 9 ?

I’m using C9 on a desktop running macOS El Capitan 10.11.6 (and do not intend to upgrade macOS on this machine).

I read that C10 Pro requires 10.12.x minimally.

I am interested in acquiring C10P upgrade for my Macbook Pro running Mojave.

Now, would I keep the C9 licence working when plugging the same USB elicenser on desktop then C10 on my laptop, or would it wipe completely C9 ???

if they are separated licenses and not an upgrade, you can keep both. You can even transfer the 10 license to another usb elicenser

If you update the eLicenser database on the C9 desktop machine, you can still run C9 on that desktop machine, with the eLicenser with the C 10 license on it. If that was the Question.

Well the question is more about the usb elicensor - i switched completely from the “machine-based” licence (or whatever they call it) to the usb-based licensor which allows to use the software on multiple machines (one at a time, as ling as i move the usb-based licensor to that machine).

My question is: would the usb key keep both C9 and C10 or just C10?

‘cause as far as i remember, once one has made the choice to transfer eLicencer to a USB-based one, it’s not possible to go back…


Oh and yes: i’d be buying an upgrade (certainly not paying full price).

The USB key overwrites C9 and keeps only the C10 license, which will also let you run C9 given what I wrote above.