USB Elicenser disabled - no license trasactions

I am trying to get support for a license deactivated during Cubase 10 update process. Support in Brazil is slow and they won’t answer what you asked. Looking for help on Facebook, people are directed to this forum, and from here to the Steinberg support page which I cannot access because I live in Brazil. What should I do?

I also have Dorico 2 and had to figure things out for myself because couldn’t get any help…

I really love Steinberg products and I can live with USB licensers but when the software asks me to get help from my software vendor and I cannot do it, I think something might be wrong…

I have no way of knowing whether this is your case, but this can happen when a Steinberg USB Key is flagged due to licenses fraudulently obtained.

For example, there was a an issue with this type of thing a while back:

It seems the elicenser disabled was my USB dongle. The Cubase 9.5 is ok but I also have a trial for dorico 1 there. I cannot delete this expired license and get the message attached. Any ideas? :pray:

That’s the Elicenser window, you said you get a message?

Thank you Steve for responding so quickly! I think/hope it wasn’t illegal :astonished:
I’ll take a look at the topic you mentioned, but I have this 9.5 license registered at my Steinberg…


no… What is the message you get?


If so, see above

Well, I can’t believe that it is exactly this “mr_shiverz” from whom I bought a license from eBay.

Now that I am mortified and using Cubase 9.5 for a year and a half what should I do? I just bought this 10 upgrade and how would I suppose to know that was fraud!? :open_mouth: :blush: :imp:

Ps. yes Steve that’s the message

If I were you I would contact Ebay, even though it’s been so long.

That is pretty weird for you… surreal

Just did that, although it’s been a long time. Actually a couple of months before the warning on the forum.

So I don’t think I’ll get a refund for that. Do you know any email or channel to talk to Steinberg directly? Because I feel I couldn’t possibly know about that…

By the way, he is “smileslow” now and has a 100 % positive feedback…

Bernardo, I sent to you a PM (in portuguese). I’m from Brazil too. Maybe my info about Steinberg resellers in Brazil will help you.

Thank you Makumbaria but it seems the support has changed to another company in Brazil.

Steve, I just tried eBay and PayPal but my complaint was denied immediately because it was made so long ago.

I don’t know if you can answer for Steinberg but I’d like to ask the company to step in and help me reach a solution. How do I do that?

I don’t know if Steinberg had to return the money for those stolen licenses but I fail to see how the customer is to blame for this situation. I was on LA when I bought this and was black Friday time so I never suspect there was something wrong. Plus, never had an issue buying from eBay.

What seems more difficult to understand is that I had to install Cubase Elements and upgrade to Artist and then to Pro, according to seller instructions. And all of that was made inside my USB licenser. So Steinberg should have disabled or warned me then and not now, I think…

The seller is a criminal, so their instructions are kind of dubious.

Only the Elicenser Control Center needs to be installed to activate or transfer licenses.

(PM sent)

I have filled a complaint on my PayPal account, and I am trying to do another on my eBay account. Let’s hope someone takes him down soon