USB-eLicenser fully functional in one pc, but not in another

Good morning
I have a fully functional USB-eLicenser with cubase 12 pro. Bought a new pc and carried out the various installations, the USB-eLicenser inserted does not seem to work since cubase reports “cannot find a valid license” when started and closes
Thanks to anyone who can help me

Cubase 12 no longer uses the USB-eLicenser.

See New Steinberg Licensing

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Sorry, but you don’t have Cubase 12 in an USB e-licenser. You may have Cubase 11 activated in an elicenser, but not Cubase 12.

You need to activate Cubase 12 on your new computer, using the new Steinberg license system (and if you are not going to use the older computer, deactivate Cubase 12 there).

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thanks for your interest;
I have tried various ways without solving.
I’m attaching two screenshots in case they help

with usb e-licenser it works in one pc, in the other it doesn’t

Resolved - restored the PC to the factory configuration