(USB-eLicenser) Is it Ok for an expired license to become invisible?

Hi there,

I’ve been testing Cubase 10 Pro demo for a while, then had a break, then tried to run it, it wouldn’t. I didn’t remember whether the trial period had expired, so I checked my USB-elIcenser and was a bit surprised to find out that the license had vanished. Shouldn’t it have remained visible and just gotten red instead? When I try to key it in into the eLCC, the eLCC will inform me that the license has already been used…


Yes, I would expect the license is there in red and with the information when did it expire. You can check the date at your MySteinberg account.

Martin, thanks for your reply! I’m an AI/Elements owner. I have registered these versions in my account, but I’m talking about Cubase Pro 10 TRIAL version. You don’t have to register it, you just receive an activation code by e-mail, it’s not present in your account. You take your USB-eLicenser, enter the code in eLCC, and that’s it - you can use it for 30 days for evaluation.

In case someone who tested Cubase Pro 10 TRIAL is reading this post: is it still visible (in red) in your eLCC once the trial period has finished? Or is it something wrong with my USB-eLicenser?


In any case you can Register your USB-eLicenser and it’s strongly recommended. Once you activated your Cubase Pro Trial, there was a communication with a Steinberg server. So the information about the license activation is on the server. Once you register the USB-eLicenser to your MySteinberg account, you should see the information the from the USB-eLicenser.