USB eLicenser registered, but Soft-eLicenser not


Not sure if I post in the right place, because it says I should contact local distributor in Slovakia, but there’s no telephone number.

I bought Cubase 8 Pro. I tried to register USB and Soft eLicensers. I’ve read about eLicensers but still don’t quite understand.

And I get the following:

Software tab:
Cubase Pro 8
USB-eLicenser #
Activation status:Product activated on 26/01/2015 22:58

eLicensers tab:
USB eLicenser: Registered on 26/01/2015 22:58

Soft-eLicenser: No products found on this eLicenser.

Is everything registered? Or do I have to somehow register Soft-eLicenser too? Because it does not want to. If I understand correctly, Soft-eLicenser registers my Windows OS to Cubase 8 pro and if I change PC, I have to register it again. But it won’t budge.

And one little question: there’s quick installation guide for Cubase, but no full manual, is it possible to find it anywhere?

Thanks for the answer in advance.

Hi tvvladimir,

let me see if I got you right. You have purchased ONE C8 license and you tried to register it as USB license AND as soft e-license. This will not work. You can activate either the one or the other.
Just imagine, we would all do that. Then we could run Cubase on two computers as if we were having two licenses.
This for sure is not Steinbergs intention. So you have to decide if you want the license on a USB dongle OR as soft license on the PC. If you already have a dongle, then keep it there since you can move the dongle to any other PC. You will NOT be able to run Cubase simultaneously on more than one computers. Unless you purchase a second license.

If you wnat to move the license from the USB dongle back as soft license on the computer, you should contact Steinberg support.



Thanks for the reply.

Yes you understood correctly. I see thanks for explaining! Then it seems I did everything correctly and registered product using USB eLicenser. Should I delete my unregistered Soft eLicense inside my Steinberg Portfolio?

Not really required.
I also installed a second Cubase license (C7-Elements) as soft license first and then I baucht a second dongle and moved the eLicense on the dongle. I did not change my Portfolio.
If it works with the dongle, just leave it as it is.
Have fun

Thanks a lot for answering! Question solved.