USB eLicenser troubleshooting

Hello dear friend. I have some troubles with my USB eLicenser. I do not know where I had to create this topic therefore I create it here. I bought my eLicenser in 2011 and activated Nexus 2 by reFX, Mini V and Analog Factory by Arturia. Unfortunately, for Analog Factory license transaction was interrupted, but I did not need it at the moment so I forgot about this trouble. I worked very well with the Nexus for about 4 years, but my old pc crashed so i bought new one. And here my troubles starts. My licenser works only with old version of nexus, I do not remember the exact number, but it was something like 2.x.x,maybe 2.4.2, and on the whole internet I didn’t find anything. So I ask your help:

  1. Can I update my eLicenser, so it began to work with the new versions of Nexus
  2. How can I solve my problem with Analog Factory, because if I press the “recovery” button, eLCC writes that no errors were found.
    immediately I apologize if my question is commonplace. I could find all the answers in Google, but, unfortunately, I have not found anything. And sorry for my bad English. I am hope for your help. Cheers!


I would recommend to ask in the Nexus forum, for the first question.

For the second one, I would recommend to contact official Steinberg support.


attachment removed, please never post an image showing your license details, that really is unsafe.

I will send you a couple trouble-shooting procedures, perhaps the pending transaction can be retrieved.