USB eLicenser????

Hi, so I am beyond confused about the Steinberg forums and account registration and everything.
I’m not even sure if this is in the right section.

I purchased an eLicenser, and I just want to know if it’s physically shipped or not. I purchased it yesterday, in order to receive it to begin my 30 day trial of Cubase, which I would then purchase the product (Cubase) once my PayPal refund comes in.

Are Soundsonline accounts different from Steinberg accounts? I tried logging in in the MySteinberg with my sounds online account, but it was not recognized. I believe I purchased the eLicenser with my sounds online account, but I’m not sure.

all I want to know is if this USB eLicenser is going to be physically shipped. I have not received any word of it being shipped yet, a day later after purchase.


Hi and welcome,

Yes, Soundsonline account is different from Steinberg account.

If you are giant to test Cubase Pro (Trial), you need the USB-eLicenser. It means, it has to be shipped physically. If you are going to test Cubase Elements (Trial) you don’t need USB-eLicenser, you can use (virtual) Soft-eLicenser.

Your Trial period starts at the moment, when you Activate the license. You cannot activate Pro license without the USB-eLicenser. So no worry, you will get 30 days of Trial in any case.

Why is my newly registered Cubase 9.5 license on my USB-licenser being disabled?


Hi Derrek,

Follow this thread , please.

It ends by saying to contact Steinberg Support. I did. Wish you had skipped to the chase instead of linking. Still, thanks for trying to help.

Derrek please make a new thread when you run into issues. You’ve been hijacking other people’s threads with off-topic problems and this can make it harder for people to help the original thread starter.

Soundsonline is run by East West, a company that has nothing to do with Steinberg or Cubase.

Problem Solved. Sorry if I hijacked a thread.