USB eLicenser

I posted this very same question, but in the wrong place… so, here I go again, sorry for that:

Sorry to re-install the question, but I am starting to get serious deals with recording. I mean, I am starting to get paid for what started as a hobby. My first Cubase was the Win version of the MIDI Sequencer. Since December I have a full Cubase 5 license, and I am now planning to upgrade to Cubase 6. I have it installed on my main PC, as well as in my Mac laptop, because 50% of my recordings are made in remote locations. But I have to move the USB eLicenser every time. I asked the local representative about what would happen if I just lost the USB or if it just broke one day, and the answer was “you will have to purchase a new license, period”. I asked to have a back-up USB and the answer was “this is not possible”.

The SW and the USB in conjunction are very capable of keeping track of what license I am using in what computer at every moment. So, why can’t I have a back-up USB with me in such case? Should I make my customers wait until Steinberg “at their discretion” resolve the issue?

Is this the way other DAW developers works? Is there an alternative I should know?
Thanks and regards,
Martin, from Buenos Aires, Argentina

I believe this information is incorrect. If you break or lose your dongle, you have to buy a new DONGLE and Steinberg will arrange for your current license to be “transferred” to the new dongle (provided you have registered the license). Also, it is certainly possible to have a back-up USB dongle ready to go.
Of course, if you want another license to put on the dongle you would have to buy that as well.
With a spare dongle on hand, I think you could get your “transferred” license up in running quickly through the Steinberg support (24 hours or less maybe?).