I have a version of Groove Agent 4 that came with my drum module that is limited to the rock kit and would like to get the full version together and the Simon Philips acoustic Haddon. Do I need to purchase USB-eLicenser. At the moment I don’t use one.

You mean Groove Agent SE 4 which comes with Cubase AI.

The full version of Groove Agent 4 requires the USB-eLicenser. The expansion/addon doesn’t require one, but I’m under the impression that you might have to upgrade to at least Cubase Elements for it to work with GA SE.

It’s possible to buy the licenses now and activate them later. You can activate the addon now to see if it works with Cubase AI and move it to your USB-eLicenser later if you want.

That’s right Cubase AI 9.

Am I right in thinking that you can install both a windows and mac version of groove agent and run stand alone or in a DAW just by plugging the USB-eLicenser into a free USB slot on either the mac mini or windows laptop.

That’s correct, you can use Groove Agent 4 on any computer that has it installed by just connecting your USB-eLicenser. No internet connection required.

While waiting for the USB-eLicenser. I decided to see if the Simon Phillips addon would work with the cubase AI 9 I have on a windows laptop. The addon installed and I can select kit slots from it. However since installing it, selecting “Use Hardware Controller Mapping” all the Yamaha DTX900 options that were shown under “Select Preset” prior to the installation are now missing which is causing problems such as edge of hi-hat not working.

reinstalled groove agent SE and the hardware is back. Must say the hammer rock this addon contains is very nice for Back In Black and Highway To Heaven… very 3D. :smiling_imp: