USB eLicenser

Hi everybody,

Today I had a first time issue.
When openning Cubase it stuck loading endlessly so I had to shutdown the program, then I restarted my computer.
When I tried to launch Cubase again I had a message saying that “No valid license found”, I go to see in the eLicenser Control Center and indeed there was no license anymore.
I was a bit scared so I restored my system as I did a backup the day before but same thing, no license.
Then I figure it out that it might be an issue of the USB eLicenser so I went to see to the peripheral manager and the usb was no longer recognized…
I just restart my computer any switched out the USB eLicenser to another port and magic happend, everythink was back!

As my USB eLicenser comes from my old fisrt Cubase SX3 I was just wondering myself, if the stick passes away how can we manage this situation??
How can I switch from my old to a new USB eLicenser? There is a license transfert to do? and how to do it?

Thanks for the hint

You can buy another stick connect it and drag the license over.
But the missing license happens here too, usually a reboot is all you need to do.
Once I had to move it to another usb port to be recognized.