USB-eLlicenser dead

Hi all,

Yes, suddenly my USB-eLicenser stopped working in a middle of a rush. I just sent a message to the SB support service and I’m trying to work with the trial. I’m pretty eLicenser based (in fact, I have 3 of them, just in case), but I’ve lost N5, Portico, Halion and other stuff that I use every day. I hope they give a solution soon.

Any experience with this issue?


I once had a broken cubase dongle and sent it to Steinberg, it was replaced very quickly with a new one.

Well, I thought it can be more “on line”. I don’t onow if I can wait two weeks… :blush:

If I remember correctly the whole procedure took about 4 days.
I am quite sure that if you contact them directly (by phone) they will find a way to help you quickly. Maybe they can even send you a temporary license.

I kind of wanted to cheer you up and share my positive experience…

Hi all,

The process was painless and reasonably quick. 48 hours from my e-mail to the full restoration. 12 hours after my email they gave a temporary license.

The bad side is that they don’t provide 3rd party licenses, but VirSyn service was as good as expected.

Good experience, after all! :smiley: