USB ground noise

hi, this is a hardware related question…

since i bought my yamaha monitors i figured out that there is a tiny crackle noise in the speakers which becomes louder when i move the mouse and it seems to be linked to mouse movements. i had an emu usb interface and then bought the steinberg ur22 and tried several other interfaces but none solved the problem.

as you may already think, it is electric noise conducted by the usb ground connection. i ripped a cable and connected an oscilloscope and i can se spikes on the ground which become bigger when i move the mouse.
i tried one of the external usb power supplies which can be plugged between the cable and the interface, but as expected no solution.

i stripped down the pc to only motherboard, ram and hdd with internal intel graphic without pc chassis and no external hardware and even moved into another room, but no success.
i exchanged the mainboard with two special usb audio ones (bios disconnectable usb power supply) and another power supply but didnt work out.

i got a “solution” for now, but i am unhappy with it because i want to upgrade my audio interface. i use my virus as an audio interface and build an usb isolator, which galvanically splits the virus and the pc into two seperate power circles. this works, but only for usb 2.0 full speed and therefore newer usb interfaces dont work…

anyone ever got a similar problem with noise on external or internal sound cards due to grounding problems?

i really go crazy, this bothers me for years now :frowning:

Can you please share the details of the whole system do you have?
What are the specifications of all of your products?
Share please the interfacing codec information also.
Is the power supply you are using is working fine?

Have you tried using balanced cables between the UR22 and monitors?


yeah, balanced in use.

i dont know if codecs matter because i got the noise although no program is running…

PSU: be quiet! Pure Power L8 CM Modular 80+ Bronze
MOBO: GigyByte Z97MX Gaming 5 with DAC-UP USB Ports (USB Power can be disconnected in BIOS)
CPU: Intel Core i5 4690K
RAM: Corsair 1600 Vengeance LP
GPU: MSI Radeon R9 270X Gaming 2G
HDD: SSD Samsung 840 Pro
TOWER: idk…

When the whole PC was build together i used a multimeter to measure if there is connection between the chassis, power supply ground and motherboard just to exclude missing grounding connections.

Audiointerface via Virus TI2 Desktop USB
balanced to Yamaha HS10W
balanced to Yamaha HS-50

Have you ever heard or experienced that the overall home electrical installation is the reason for such problems?
i read it somewhere but just as a statement of another forum member.
My home installation is very old, im still having the old oneshot fuses which you have to replace when they fire…

I haven’t, but I don’t really know about that stuff. Using balanced lines cured the problem for me with my UR44, which is why I asked.

yeah, balanced is a good solution to inducted noise.
balanced connection cancel out disturbances that are induced into the line itself.

my problem seems to be that the ground itself, here especially the usb ground is full of noise.
and that causes the signal sent into the balanced connection is already full of noise… :frowning:

i am kinda from the electrical business, but not from the noise one :smiley:

but i welcome every post and experience!

I’m afraid I can’t help you, but I can wish you good luck :wink:
Issues like these can be really annoying, I know from experience. I never really managed to solve it, although I found an acceptable workaround. It won’t help you though, the problem wasn’t in the grounding or the grid.

Look into ground loops (google), I intend to use power conditioners like furmans in the future.
Sometimes putting tape on the ground connectors of your powercable can cure the problems or minimise the effect.

Does the noise occur when you disconnect speakers and use headphones instead? If not, I would recommend to try balanced cables with ground wire disconnected between interface and speakers.