USB hardware with same name Windows 10

Does anybody know how to change a USB device name so the change is also reflected in Cubase and not only in the Device Manager?
Issue: plugging two Waldorf Blofeld (usb) to the PC shows two devices named “Blofeld” and only trial and error or turning them on at different times seems to be the only way to know which is which, as they will appear in different spots in the Midi In and Midi Out tree in the Inspector.
I know how to change or create a “Friendly Name” key in the registry but that only changes the name of the devices in the Device Manager, nowhere else, not even under Windows-Start-Settings-Devices.
I know this is a Windows issue but I am sure there are others that have more than one usb instrument of the same make and model that would like a clear way to identify plugged hardware.
This is more of an issue if the devices cannot be always plugged in the same pc and port, like if using in the studio pc and then in a live laptop set up.
Thanks for any info

I think this needs to be done by waldorf on the driver level. At least RME did this for their audio devices.
If the blofeld has real midi ports, use these on one instead of USB if possible.
Or try a usb hub and first connect the blofelds to the hub and then the hub to the pc. Maybe then they initialize the same way every time.

Thanks Vinark.
I think you are right, it has to be done at the driver level.
Unfortunately the Blofelds only have Midi In port no Midi Out so bi-directional data is only possible through USB port.
Turning them on at different time helps separate them in The Cubase Inspector tree so that helps a lot to quickly figure out which is which.