USB hot swapping within cubase

So I’m in the process of upgrading to windows 10 and also buying some new kit (various midi controllers - roli, linnstrument etc).

One of the problems I currently have in Cubase 10.0 and windows 7 is that if I plug in a different usb controller whilst cubase is open, it doesn’t recognise it. I have to close cubase down and restart which is a real workflow killer.

Has anyone else had this problem and if so, is it better in windows 10 / cubase 10.5?

I can’t currently work out a setup (particularly to include the new controllers) where they are all permanently connected via usb.

It would be nice to be to say “oooh I’ll plug the roli in and try that” and to be able to do that without having to restart cubase.

I’m not sure if this issue is specific to my PC and the way it handles USB, or windows 7, or cubase or…

Can anyone share any experiences?


Hello, hot swapping is part of the Windows 10 MIDI improvements, for which MS provided a new API in 2016. Cubase supports this since version 9.

Thanks Fabio :slight_smile: