USB hub causes nuendo to freeze


i realised over months that my USB hub OVERHUB from elektron is causing nuendo to freeze while booting on “studio manager”
if i remove the hub loading goes ok. i bought this hub thinking it might be less problems then cheap hubs…
I use this hub to plug my licenses ilok, elicenser and vienna key. So i removed as many keys as i could and still i have vienna and a sd reader on this hub.
the hub could use a power that is not connected … would that solve the problem ? is there something i can set in windows about this ? i know there can be some usb “conflict” ?

thx for ideas?

I don’t know much about this, but I suspect that powering the hub would make a difference.

It’s worth a try.

mm bought the adpater for hub but problem is still there.
The problem also appear when i want to open some kontakt instance sometime. The window is all blank white and nuendo is stuck.
if i unplug the HUB this kontakt window is unfrozen and nuendo goes forward.
i don’t know how to solve this USB thing. Good that people paying softwares are the one beeing punished in their workflow i have no less then 4 dongles !
i met a composer that has same ^projects as mine, cheaper prices and has 100% of what i use worth 5k€ with cracks. i feel so dumb.

I’ve had the same issues with mostly all the hubs I’ve owned. For the same reason I have stopped using them. Instead, I use PCI USB cards.

Strange. I have two hubs but neither of them has a single problem with elicenser, ilok and cmstick usb keys. I have external power adapters on both.