USB Hub Recommendations for CMCs...


I own a CMC-TP and have ordered a CMC-CH today. I’m sure it won’t be long before I buy the rest of them so I am going to need a Powered hub.

Could someone please recommend me a powered hub that can power 9 CMCs (not sure if I’m ever going to get the CMC-FDs but you never know what the future holds). I may also buy the frame to put four of them in (I may build something - haven’t made up my mind yet) so it would be handy if the Powered hub could be small enough to fit inside that.

Thanks for your help


It’s not that critical so long as it’s a ‘powered’ hub! Anker 9 port hubs I’ve heard are good, 8 ports are much more common and using 2 8 port hubs will also work, giving you additional free ports, there are also 10 and 12 port hubs, but again, the 8 port are much more readily available. In my own case I have an 8 port powered hub connected to my PC to which the mouse, keyboard and assorted other peripherals are connected. I also have two further 8 port individually powered hubs which are plugged into the first 8 port (i.e. daisy chained) into which all the CMCs are plugged as well as a couple of other periherals. This works for me without ever a problem, I might mention that the hubs are powered before the PC is turned on - just saying…
Remember however that anytime, when updating the firmware etc. the CMC module must be disconnected from any such hub and connected directly to the PCs local port!

Thank you for your reply and sorry its taken me so long to reply. Been a little busy. I went with a Belkin Ultra Slim powered USB 2 Hub. (7 USB ports). The CMC-TP and CMC-CH are working fine!

Thanks again